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Oh yeah, Bailouts are always the answer…

Hmm. Why does the beginning of the Great Depression come to mind?

Euro zone leaders impose an immediate levy that allows them to seize between 7-10% of your money directly out of your bank accounts, for banks in Cyprus. Some people’s bank accounts have supposedly been drained. People running to banks and ATMs to pull out their money. Banks closing until at least Thursday. Stock markets starting to take a dive again.

Oh yeah, because this is almost exactly what happened at the beginning of the Great Depression.

Only in Seattle …

Only in Seattle, technically it was Issaquah, can you go shopping for a couch and have a New York transplant chase you out over politics. A discussion brought up, and continued by him to our surprise and discomfort. Actually less a discussion then a haphazard mixture of all the leftist bromides that I have endured a thousand times over.

His insistence that he was a political animal seemed strange, for his claim to political animalism seemed to be related to his aunt. Which he brought up by asking, if I knew who Bella Abzug was? My concise, short reply was that she was a communist. This seemed to send him over the edge, both by my knowing who she was and her political background, although I must admit it is rather limited. He laughed uneasily and insisted that she was not a communist, but a liberal progressive; come on as if there really is a difference.

Then he went on a rant about all the problems facing this country are due to fat, white men. Later on he seemed to qualify it with it being republican, fat, white men. I guess he was trying to provoke me, but I have been Libertarian for over 30 years, it goes along with being an engineer, so it didn’t get a rise.

Unfortunately, my wife wanted to leave, so I didn’t get to inquire about his culpability in being a greedy white male. Although, I have a feeling he would when pressed or personally confronted with his white maleness would pull the same defense as that famous leftist lawyer, who I believe was caught drunk driving in San Francisco many years ago, unfortunately, I can’t remember his name. As to the specifics of the defense, I will leave it be for the moment as that would open a whole can of worms if explicitly stated. Hint – he had an out by claiming he was really not a white male. In other words use his appearance of white maleness to claim the culpability of the sins of the white man – Kunstler, maybe?  See you are white, I appear white let us admit our culpability to all the sins of the world and have you make amends.

Ah, it might be Kunstler of whom I speak, don’t know for sure. I guess if he was some DUIing, commie lawyer with the appearance of white maleness, yet who can somehow ditch it if confronted, then it is of whom I speak.

I guess just another day in the great northwest.

By and by the couch was nice, but I think I will bypass this clown and his store when procuring our couch.