Monthly Archives: December 2012

My First WordPress update

My first WordPress update was painful. I did not properly backup my theme and my posts which caused me to lose everything.

I eventually was able to repost everything, but the dates don’t align with the originally postings.

Live and learn. Hopefully, I’ll do better next time.

Roku; So far a Bust

I just bought a new Roku 2 XS with the expectation that it would be easy to setup. Not.

Well at first it did look like it would be easy: connect to TV, power up Roku, set up internet connection view screen menus, let it update, and then copy activation code. Actually, these steps were painless and quick.

Then trouble, website activation. Enter activation code, no problem. Create new account, page 1 no problem. But, now page 2 where they want credit card information before proceeding, big trouble. It would not accept credit card info nor would it let me bypass this page. So now I’m locked out for twenty four hours.

I have been looking at the live chat window for the last hour or two waiting to chat. But the support so far seems non-existent.

So far this is crap. If I cannot activate this unit within the next hour or if it will not reset and let me try again within the next 24 hours, I am going to return this product with extreme prejudice and dish it every chance I get.

Why the hell couldn’t it just activate the product now and let credit information be entered at a later date?


Finally, I got a hold of live chat support. He, Rizwan, who was very efficient and polite, was able to set up and an account without credit card info. Why they couldn’t do it in the first place is beyond me.

Update 2

The Roku is working fine. I am generally happy with it. But still disappointed with the activation experience. I was able to set up Amazon with no problem.

The New Caliphate: Obama as the Caliph

It appears that Obama with his right hand of State foments revolution that empowers the Muslim Brotherhood. This could be due to either incompetence – that is failing to promote more democratically aligned allies while fomenting revolution -, or intentionally bringing the brotherhood to power.

But if he is intentionally bringing the brotherhood to power, what is the end game?

Could it be that his agenda is to create a caliphate while at the same time clearing a path that would see him installed as the caliph, the leader of the Muslim nation? State would then promote this to Americans as “he is really one of us” so no worries for he is our man, while simultaneously selling it to the Muslims as a man that can bring or bridge Islam to the west?

I have no basis for this other than the observations of what has transpired.

But the left has always felt it can co-opt any organization and outwit any people. However history has shown this not to be true. And I am afraid that history will once again lay judgment on the acuity of the pseudo elite who for neither love of God, or country seem bent on making us subjects.