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An Electrical and Computer Engineering student, that is owned by her cats. Go Beavers!

Oh yeah, Bailouts are always the answer…

Hmm. Why does the beginning of the Great Depression come to mind?

Euro zone leaders impose an immediate levy that allows them to seize between 7-10% of your money directly out of your bank accounts, for banks in Cyprus. Some people’s bank accounts have supposedly been drained. People running to banks and ATMs to pull out their money. Banks closing until at least Thursday. Stock markets starting to take a dive again.

Oh yeah, because this is almost exactly what happened at the beginning of the Great Depression.

My First Post

Well the title is pretty self-explanatory. But going beyond that, I’d like to say hello everyone! Though my posts may be few and far between I’d like to introduce myself as one of the admin people of this blog site. Like the creator of this blog, my posts will range among a variety of topics. The only thing is I have to figure out what topics I’m not too lazy to write about.  I have a couple in mind but we’ll see what becomes of them. In the meantime, take care!